The Artists: A Triptych, Part I

The Artists: A Triptych

I went last week to see a long term girlfriend perform in concert. Her show’s arc was autobiographical and included illuminating stories about having survived a long and successful career in musical comedy theatre. The strongest common denominator through her tales of adventures and misadventures was heartfelt gratitude for it all.  She was spectacular and the audience spontaneously stood to cheer and tell her so during the extended curtain call.  Every thought in the lyrics was explored to its fullest, every emotion was rooted in a truth, every syllable articulated, both literally and metaphorically.  She left it all on the table, got everything one could possibly get out of each song.  Her authentic effervescence radiated out to uplift her audience, she moved with the fluidity of a young gazelle and at 67 she looked impossibly youthful.  None of that was by accident.  She has worked hard to make it so. Knowing her for over four decades, I can bear witness to the fact that this is also how she has lived her life.  She has delved in full tilt at every chapter.  As a young woman she planted roots in good soil and then nurtured them.  In return for steadfast loyalty, her life is filled with an army of long term, beloved allies.  She’s been married to the same good man for almost 40 years.  Their home is filled with works of art by and photographs of their thriving children and now grandchildren. There is fresh fruit out on her sun drenched kitchen counters, healthy snacks in her pantry, comfortable well-lit places to plop in with easy access to wonderful books and magazines at the ready to dive into.  In other words she lives the way she creates her art and creates her art the way she lives.  With intentionality, smart choices, attention to detail, taking absolutely nothing for granted and always with gratitude. Brava Diva.

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