Swimming with horses

Folks working in my industry have a gypsy life and I’m no exception. Sometimes its to places you can’t wait to leave, others its to places you find yourself dreaming of living in, others are just plain dreamy…like now. I’m on a Caribbean island for a month. Great, group of co-workers and as all of us are first timers here, this impromptu family is embracing as much of the experience as work will allow for and with gusto. One of the things it has done is to unlock the inner child in all of us. We’re jumping off cliffs, hiking to crocodile lakes, scuba diving, toasting beautiful sunsets, dancing to island vibes after dinner but today was a high light…swimming w horses. I don’t know about you but its been on my bucket list for a long time. My ride was Man Face. Feisty, young, we first rode on a canopied jungle trail of impossible greens, hanging roots, leaves the size of dining tables and breathed in the richest oxygen I’ve probably ever inhaled. Cue the mosquitoes…but it was worth it. On this particular ride, it was just my guide and me. Heading back to the stable along the coastline he asked if I’d ever gone swimming w horses? “May we?” I asked and next I knew we had hung a sharp left into the Caribbean bath waters and were heading straight for the horizon. With little coaxing our horses trotted, then seemed take flight as their hooves left the ocean floor. Our bodies were now suspended afloat over our trusty steeds and we held onto their manes to stay in line over them. The power of Man Face was churning beneath me…he was in his element. Time expanded as I tried to let every second of the experience sink deeply into my DNA. The water was soft, there was lightening in the distance and soft rain bounced like diamonds on the ocean’s flat, pearl gray surface all around us. Absolute heaven. It was one of those moments where you think if it all ended, I’d die happy. I’ll sleep well tonight and with any luck dream of swimming with horses. I wish the same for you.
Blue Pearl

Blog Virgin

Well, will have used to be a blog virgin as by the end of this entry I no longer will be one. I have a friend, a gifted, successful writer who wrote the terrifying words “Don’t make me ask you again to start a blog.” He’d thrown down the glove, so here goes.

I’m a middle aged, American woman at a moment of reinvent. At this point in my life everyone is either dead or grown up…for better and worse my life is again mine to do with as I please.  I’ve been married and divorced. I raised children I love more than life. I’ve buried my parents. I work now and then. I take adventures. I may or may not find a partner to share this chapter with. I have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to friends.  I’ve made great choices and more stupid ones than I can recall.

My intention is to share adventures and follies here as they happen, along with some remembrances, in hopes that some of them might resonate with you. Please tell me if they do. I have a modicum of celebrity in my chosen field…I suspect down the line I’ll draw the curtain on who I am. Not today. Hope to see you as I go down this road. Joy to all.

Blue Pearl